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A series of spoons

In collaboration with Glebanite®

— 2016

In occasion of the exhibition ‘The Cutlery show’ curated by Veerle Wenes of Gallery Valerie Traan (Antwerp), DWA designed ‘A series of spoons’. Made of disused fibreglass, Glebanite® is a sustainable, versatile and aesthetic material. Glebanite® was invented in 2012 during the search of coherent recycling solutions for fibreglass and composite materials. By combining layers of black and white Glebanite® an ‘organic’ block of material is formed, reminding a futuristic fossil wood.

In occasione della mostra ‘The Cutlery show’, curata da Veerle Wenes di Galerie Valerie Traan (Anversa), DWA ha progettato “A series of spoons”. Costituito da vetroresina dismessa, Glebanite® è un materiale ecosostenibile, versatile ed estetico. Nasce nel 2012 dalla ricerca di soluzioni per un riciclo coerente della vetroresina e dei materiali compositi in genere. Combinando Glebanite® bianca e nera in strati fusi tra loro, abbiamo dato forma ad una lastra “organica” che rimanda ad un futuristico legno fossile.


Photo: DWA Design Studio